Button problem

I have 3 buttons. One button is static with its label below it, the other 2 go to a new scene. When you mouseover the 2 buttons their labels fade in to the same spot the static label occupies.

How can I get that static button’s label but not the button to go away. I thought this would be easy but I am overlooking something. Can any of you experts help me out here?

Not quite sure if I follow. Can you upload it somewhere, so I can look at it.

Also, take a look at kirupa’s tutorials. There are a couple there that discuss buttons in great detail. :slight_smile:

can you redescribe the effect you’re trying to produce in greater detail? I’m sure we can devise something.

The names of each button appear in the same place (below the row of buttons) when you mouseover them. I’ve got that far. Each button changes color and fades in the name as you mouseover. Clicking a button takes you to a different scene. In that scene that button (the one you clicked to get to the scene) is in the over state (different color) with the name already showing. This button is inactive because we are on that button’s scene. It serves as the title to the scene.

How do I get that inactive button to disappear when the other 2 active buttons are moused over? As it is now the others fade in over the inactive buttons name. Hope this is clearer. I can’t seem to find a button tutorial that addresses this. If there is one let me know where. Thanks.

Oh I see.

Place that inactive button inside a movieclip, and give that clip a name. Goto the ActionScript of the other two buttons and insert script similar to this.

on (rollOver) {
inactivebutton._visible = true;
on (release) {
==the active buttons commands go here==
on (rollOut, dragOut) {
inactivebutton._visible = false;

inactivebutton would be the name of the movie with the button in it. It can be any name you choose. What happens is when a mouse goes over the two active buttons they tell the movieclip with the inactive button to hide.

Hey I just received the fla file. I’ll take a look at it, and email it back to you with any changes I’ve made.