Button Question

I was wondering if anybody could help me out with a button question I have. I’m still new at flash and know how to do a lot of basic stuff, but I want to do this thing with a button. I have 2 GIFs, one GIF is the “up” state, and I have an animated GIF that I want to use as the “over” state. My question is how do I import the animated GIF and use it as the “over” state for the button? I know how to add sound to the button, but I’m having trouble with the animated GIF after I import it.
Do I need to make the animated GIF a movie?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

a movieClip yes.

Open flash
Use menu option “Insert/New Symbol”
Choose movie clip from the dialogue box that apears.
A new timeline will apear for this movie clip.
Select frame one on this timeline
use menu option “File/Import” to import the gif.

Click back to the main timeline.
Now, double click on your button.
Select frame 2 (over), and drag the movieclip you just created from the library to the stage.

If you need more detail than that… just ask. :slight_smile:

Hey Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll give it a whirl and see if I can manage the rest on my own.

I greatly appreciate it.