Calling flash movies into a button

HI, I am new to flash MX and I was trying to make an animated button by importing a movie into the “over” buttonkeyframe but I am abviously doing this wrong. How can I “call” a movie into a button?


Welcome cecilia,
It should work, you must be doing something wrong. Can you attach your movie?

Anyway, I think the easiest way would be to use a clip all the way. That way you don’t have to mix clips and buttons.

pom (-:

this is one version withthe animation in each button… but i wanted the animation slightly more complex…

this is the individualmovie i want to put on each button when the mouse rolls over it…

geez cecilia… you have the same name as my ex… THANKS A LOT!!


Isn’t that sweet :love:

And Cecilia, I don’t see where the problem is since you have that file… I did this anyway, by putting a tween mc inside the over state of the button.

pom :cowboy: