Buttons acting as movie clips

can u explain correctly

i think
u want to control button from other area ya

u can use the button as movie clip and can be control easily

I want my webpage to do something like this.

There is search page index. But there are new windows opening other buton figures.

So how do I do this with my website to make it look like the geocities for the bonus icon.
I am n ot getting anything on my own.

Especially how clicking on the window opens another button layer.
for the hidden answer.

My website is at http://people.txucom.net/kicker
I want my website like the geocities. I am trying to hold it together.

I was told that I can make a one frame movie for the url page to unload a button. I will need another one frame movie for the new window that results from clicking on the first.
http://www.searchbadger.com/home.html will be the first window. All other button layers are revealed from clicking on this page’s url. So I will need another frame to hold the new window.
How do I make a one frame movie
I think this explains what I want. I want a button to appear after someone clicks on the searchbanner window home.html and another button to appear after someone clicks on the new window with the search results.
Does anyone know how to program this
Please Help

In the macromedia document it says
If you are assigning the getURL action to a button, place the button in a new, one frame movie.
So does anyone know how to do this.
And with mine the second one frame movie should show the results of the first. Does anyone know how I would make both of these movies and run them together?