Buttons with Style Element


I previously created a rollover button using style tag and it was based on .gif image. Here the source goes:

.rollover a {
width: 90px;
padding:10px 10px 10px 7px;
font: bold 13px sans-serif;;
background: url(“button.gif”) 0 0 no-repeat;
text-decoration: none;
.rollover a:hover {
background-position: 0 -35px;
color: #049;
.rollover a:active {
background-position: 0 -70px;

and after closing the Style element…

<div class=“rollover”>

<a href="#">Home</a>
<a href="#">Galleries</a>
<a href="#">Contact</a>
<a href="#">Others</a>

So it created a rollover button based on only one image. (i.e., button.gif).

Thus, I just want to know if i could use button.swf in place of button.gif. What i mean is, can i use .swf files in place of images in above given style content. Please help i want to create a button with animation when mouse rolls over it.

I know how to create a flash buttons but i want only one flash file loaded for all buttons, then i will change the text and the link of the button which will speed up the website. Please help. Thank You