Buttons with Text? (simple question)

OK, this is so simple but I cant figure it out. Im trying to create a button with text – pretty simple huh :slight_smile: – and I swear this has worked for me in the past. However when im trying to do it now the text on the button is not selectable – as if Flash thinks it is layered on top of the button. It must be the order of how im doing things, but I have tried multiple ways. So whats the correct way to add text to a button?

  • Tried creating object, adding text, and then converting to button.
  • Tried Inserting new object -> button and creating button w/text.

Hey, I did finally get the hang of adding MC to button to create advanced button though – would think that adding text would be no problem…

Thanks for the help!

Ok figured out the problem I was using Dynamic text instead of static text…Its always the little things you overlook :slight_smile: