I created a button, I set the UP and OVER:

Under UP:
Nothing but a text: “MAIN”

Under Over:
Nothing but a Symbol(Movie Clip)

Now everytime I try to Mouse over, it’s so hard, it’s like I must point my cursor on the spot where my text is, and there are spaces between the words, Once I point to the empty place, it doesn’t work. How do I make it like a whole? I mean, just work.

right click on the button and select edit. Then in the 4th frame the one labeled “hit” draw a box around the text. This box won’t be seen, its just the active area of the button

on of my favorite button types is the invisible button. It’s a button with nothing in any frame but the last one. Try it out some time. Very useful.

wouldn’t creating one invisible button and just using it over and over again re-sizing it and changing the code reduce the file size a bit instead of creating new buttons for each thing?