I'm retarded!

okay, i got a button right, and i put it in my movie…whatever…but the button has a white background and so does my movie and the only place to click on the button is the small text area…ya know…so i tried putting a white box behind the text on the button so when you hover over the button it isn’t as difficult but that doesn’t seem to work…any idea what i’m talking about? any suggestions?

right click on the button and select EDIT and then in the 4th frame (the one labeled “hit”) draw a box around the text.

Jubba to the rescue . . .

but you’re not retarded. I’ve seen more people make that mistake.

the “Hit” frame describes the area in which the mouse interacts with a button.

OMGosh, that makes SO much sense! and so easy…see it’s little tips like that which help a TON! Thank you!

Evberybody does that mistake the first time :smiley:

pom 0]