Buying a Mobile phone, like a tank ! Nokia 5140 or Siemens M65 ? Poll!

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I own a Nokia 5100 right now witch im giving it away, so I want to buy something better.

Now I have tested bothm the cam and the secreen of the m65 is way better than the nokia, the secreen colour of the simenes is much better also.

But I want to hear some of your idieas.

Thank you very much :hugegrin:

Get the Nokia… they are better phones… AND Siemens is just gay. I hate Siemens.

I like the siemens design more but they are not known as great phones (the opossite in fact :sure: ) also Nokia makes high quality phones, they´re unbreakeble :smiley: I vote for the Nokia by a long shot :slight_smile:

I was about to start a thread like this…but i kinda decided to buy one…nokia 6600, had confusion if i should buy sony P 900… i like nokia better than anyothers.

altho siemens fone look really cool in pic…nice features too…first time i find any other fone better then nokia…if ur have an option between both…buy siemens model…looks great.

yes jasninder they look good, but theyre not good, trust me :slight_smile:

I can’t read a word, but the m65 seems quite stable

siemans looks way cooler

Looks aren’t everything… Especially with cells.

well it is to me, it looks rugged too;)

no one is hearing me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: dont choose ur phone only for the design, choose one that is going to last more time, quality over design

EDIT: thanks saru! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS- why are you picking between these two. There are a lot more phones with better peformance and looks then those… and around the same price.

we dont get siemens in india…not a lot anywya…whole market is captured by nokia…even i am gona buy 6600 tomorrow…what do ya think…no intentions to misdirect the thread but if we r talkin about fones, lets discuss it over here …better then starting another thread on this rite?,,45402,00.html

hope u dont mind blast boy…lemme know if u do …i ll take the post off, thanks

is there a consumer performance report for cell phones somewhere?

@ berkowitz: nokia does not make more durable phones in general.
there are crappy phones with softwaremistakes from both factorers, it depends very much on the model you choose. (btw.: I have a nokia 6100, and it’s quite good, but I also know people who had a lot of problems with nokia phones)

btw.: I would go with neither of those mobiles.
Sony Ericsson has some cool mobiles and if I had to choose one now, it would be the t610 or the nokia 6230 or the siemens M65

Im a active boy, and need of a strong phone, I do not like the soft cool, gentel look phones that most of u use, I like strong phones that will handel snow/dust…etc.

Thats why Im choosing one of these 2 phones because there are not other who have the same thing.

I have Nokia 5100 and I think its better that the 5140 after trying it 2day, the only thing is the new cam, and the desing I dont like the new desing, when holding the siemens, its cam and buttons and the look is way much better. but Im confussed. Im not sure, maybe siemens is doing good work this year. all start with bad and be better maybe siemens is going for the best on this phone, I felt in love with it but, what can I say, Im having trouble choosing.

is that really neccesary?

In this case, I would go for the siemens if your into the hip of new technology. The nokia one seems to be alright but for one thing the color any supports 4096, new one have 65k. Nokia are now intergrating more ideas about entertainiment and display whilst keeping the good acessibilty of menus. I dont like the siemens front end though but its worth it overall. Personally, i wouldnt go for nokia or siemens. I like Samsung and models such as the e70, LG G7100, Panasonic X70 are good since my friends have these.