Mobile Phone(s)

I whant to buy a new mobile phone. But I dont realy know what to choose from.

What Mobile phone you guys recommend to buy ?

I just whant to know the company name, no need for the model.

Thank you.


I like this one Nokia 6610

I have the S55 and it’s great…

I have the nokia 6100 (bought it in april), and it is really cool. it is even smaller and lighter than the 6610, and the only difference is a radio, that noone uses.

by the way, pm me if you need some series 40 (6100, 6610, 7210,…) midlets (games), I know someone working at one of those expensive ringtone-midlet-whatever services.

edit: most of the newer siemens phones are very cool too, I just do not know much about them.

The problem is that They only Look cool but inside they are bad, and very easy to brake or get damaged :a:

you meen the simens phones?
I heard there were a lot of problems with the siemens phones 2-3 years ago, because the software was buggy, and instable.
But I think they fixed problems like that for the newer generations of phones.

Well, I am very happy with my nokia. It fell down several times.
Once we went swimming and I left it in my car which was parked in the sun (when I returned I wasn’t abled to touch the steering wheel. it was so hot, I had to use my towel as a kind of gloves) and my mobile survifed that - the motorola of a friend did not.
well its display is a little bit pale in the middle, but that’s ok.

I don’t have any problems with my s55, but I had probs with my old one :slight_smile: The software is very stable and you get easily a good overview about the menu. But sometimes they are a little slow…

i have a erricsson p800!!! it allows me to go on kirupa while on the train to work!!! :nerd:

Nokias are my favourite, great phones, my brothers has the 6610 , and its pretty cool, though like blastboy said they look good but can be easy to damage, freeze. break when u throw them…lol. Theres a common problem with them as well, the screensaver dims out too dark, but that common to those phones and you can get a bios update when u go to a dealer (thats if it happens to u)

Ive got the 8850…,,141,00.html

nice slide phone, small, and the blue/clear backlight looks so smooth.:wink: and ive had no problems with this one what so ever…

i dont like the first generation colour screens by Nokia, i’m sill waiting till the screens get as good as the tft screens that the new 6600 has, but to a 6610 body or a 6100 body, that would be my ideal phone, till then this little one is going just fine! :beam:

check out the tft screen on this 6600, awesome phone, but just too FAT!!!,,33210,00.html

Nokia, all the way :thumb:

I like motorolla a lot more than nokia.
I’ve had both, but my T720 kicks the poo out of the nokias that were out at the same time it came out. Mind you, this phone is a good 6 months old now, so I’m sure it’s nothing special anymore, but at the time, it was the shizznizz.

what is so special about your t720 ( that isn’t inside a nokia too)?

*Originally posted by McGiver *
**what is so special about your t720 ( that isn’t inside a nokia too)? **

probably nothing :stuck_out_tongue:
the same goes vice versa though

maybe. well nokia got a bigger community and more games.
I spend most of the german lessons, playing worms on my mobile hehee :wink:

hehe, mcgiver. Get yourself a palm or a pocket pc for playing games and get a sweet lil siemens cell phone :slight_smile:

I got a nokia 6610 pretty cool one, but I am planning for a new one well as soon as nokia releases it I plan to get one:) its a 6320 cool handset with great features. 6610 os cool too u know its got fm when u want to listen to songs :)i prefer nokia

nothing against siemens, I bought my mother a siemens phone for her birthaday.
But I am very happy with my current phone :wink:

btw.: it is very important for me that my mobile is as small as possible, and the 6100 was (i think it is still) the smallest phone availible on the open market

I look allways at the preformance if the mobile phone is small but very light and easy to break then the quality is very bad, if its big and stronge also have good features then thats a good mobile.
The mobiles today are small and stronge well not all of them but, they are great.

I have never had a Nokia phone, I hope this one will be a good one and long last

I’m lately hooked on Sony Ericcson Z600. Now saving money to buy it :slight_smile:

phil, Dont talk on ur cell phone while u r driving…if ur use a handsfree…:slight_smile:

I have the LG picture phone. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s got a ton of features. It is also Verizons only picture phone.

Someone add LG to the list… phil?