Cachette: Flash House

An older site of mine, I’m conteplating whether I ought to put more time into it. Tell me what you think.

BTW Not all rooms are linked up yet

Comments he,


I had to laugh so much and really had fun with your site, nice minigame from the dream.

Good that design is not the only thing that matters.
A cool cartoony website is also fun, and you proved it!!!

Just good work, if you have more, your always free to post.

cyaz laterz


In case you missed them, there are two other mingames, the cat piano, by clicking on the piano in the next room, and old school Pong in the creepy computer room. Thanks for the feedback:)

very good I laughed alot especially the cat piano…Keep working on it

Hey awsome little cartoon thing man I posted in the flashkit forums but I will post again. Thats awsome I wish I could do that. Maybe some time you can teach me the basic like how to make someone look like hes walking in flash if you can just email me [email protected] awsome job keep it up :slight_smile: