Possible Future SOTW

Cachette is a virtual house full of goodies. I put a bit into it, but I’m not sure if I should keep working on it or just move on to the next project. Not complete, but still full of entertainment.


Thats a pretty nice site/project you got there…I love dynamic animations and the artistic work involved! Good Job!

I feel like there is an overabundance of techno music, quasi futuristic sites that begin to blend into each other. Lets all keep Flash interesting by bringing more styles and variations.

Whoops, forgot to post my e-mail.
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Definitely SOTW for me. Very good work, man, it’s great. And it has a French name. Games are tough though (is it even possible to score at Pong?)

pom :asian:

I got a point. I got clobbered, but I at least got a point.

I love the site. The art’s very impressive and I always love a video game-like interface.

I especially like the cats and piano thing. My daughter got a kick out that!

great site, really nice interface, very creative. SOTW in my opinion aswell

Hey mr_utamaro,
Congratulations! You are this week’s Site of the Week. Even though it’s been a week too late, hope you don’t mind. I noticed your site last week, but really explored it only a few days ago…and I have to say, the site is quite amazing. You definitely deserve the award :slight_smile:

Here are the links for the graphics if you need them:


Kirupa :asian:

hey love the site clasic point and click adventure…the cat piano is cool! :slight_smile: