Cake or death?

I just got tickets to see Eddie Izzard in December. Mwahaha, bow to me underlings.

I choose cake.

how about ‘death by chocolate cake’?

Izzard is touring? Where?!? :slight_smile:

I’m <i>so</i> there. :slight_smile:

ooh! can I come?! can I come!? :beam:

Anyone else wanna come to see Mr Izzard? :slight_smile:

I do but I live in Canada - I dont have the cash to come for the trip :frowning:

*Originally posted by Kitiara *
**Anyone else wanna come to see Mr Izzard? :slight_smile: **
me me! ooh ooh! pick me! waves


I so wish I could I could be there, but thats a long flight for a show. Hopefully he will decide to tour the US later in the year. If so I am pretty sure he will hit Chicago. :slight_smile:


oH man!! I LOVE Eddie Izzard! lol =)
When i saw the “Cake or Death” Title, i knew. lol =)

I wish i were in the UK so i could come see Mr. Izzard =)

Wow… i must be the only american who knows about him lol =)

yes Ray, but you are a self-proclaimed Anglophile…



Well I say! I have never heard such rubbish…

lol jk =) thats true… but Gotta admit, Eddie Izzard is Danm Funny =)

Gotta be true to my Roots… Wales in the Hiz-ouze!
hehe jk