Calling the buttons of one movie into a nested movie

Hi Saviour
I have a main menu, the navigation in this main movie is externally loaded in blank movie, navblank_mc . One of the menu buttons loading in this main menu is “Work”. And in work.fla , i have a blank movie again called “tbnblank_mc” in which i have externally loaded the zooming thumbnails.swf.

I have buttons called “print”, “web” etc in the work.fla. Now on clicking Print button , I want that only thumbnail 2, 4, 6, 8 should be visible in zoomingthumbnails.fla.

How do i connect the buttons of work.fla with thumbnails of zoomingthumbnails.fla…

plz help…dis is veryyyyyyy urgent…im working on a deadline…

Thanx a ton