{MX} Loading pics into external movies

I’ll try my best to explain this one:

I have a Main Movie with four buttons {about us, services, portfolio, contact}

When you click on Portfolio the Portfolio movie is loaded into the main movie to an instance called “load”

This Portfolio movie has four buttons in it the first one being “print”, now when I click on this link it loads another movie with the “print slideshow” in it.

In this slideshow there are thumbnail images which when pressed opens up another movie showing a bigger image which works fine.

But what I would like to do instead of having separate movies for each thumbnail is to have just the one and load in the picture and any copy into a target depending on which one is pressed. I have tried doing this with this script, but it doesn’t work (I’ve only tried loading the pic up to now)

[COLOR=red]on (press) {
loadMovie(“print/view_file.swf”, _root.view);
setProperty(_root.view, _x, “445”);
setProperty(_root.view, _y, “25”);[/COLOR]

That part works OK, but it is replacing the slideshow movie.

[COLOR=blue]I’ve deleted the next part of the script and it no longer replaces the slideshow, so I think that is where my problem is, but I’m still not sure why [/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]loadMovie("print/mdc-large.jpg", _root.view.pic);
setProperty(_root.view.pic, _x, "445");
setProperty(_root.view.pic, _y, "25");

} [/COLOR]

This part isn’t loading the pic at all.

Can anyone help me out on this one, I know I’ve made it a bit difficult for myself by doing it all in separate movies, but I only want to load what is necessary depending on where people are browsing.

I’m afraid I’m not quite getting it.
Are you saying you would like one image to function as both thumbnail and “big image” or are you saying that you have made differnet symbols for each thumbnail?

Could you show us a file perhaps?
I know I’ve spent some time trying to make easily updateable galleries as well :slight_smile:


Yes, I have two separate files for the pics - one small, one big.

I’ll attach something a bit later on when I get a chance.