Camera advice

What are some good still digital cameras to get, I want something thats sleek and is easy to carry, but would also give me prosumer results. I was thinking maybe somthing from konica minulta??

anything less than 700 dollars

any advice from personal exsperice would be great too

[color=blue]sony cybershot p100[/color]–im getting that in the fall

try and check out the comparisons there.

My pick for you would be the Canon Powershot S500 (Digital IXUS 500).

Canon is known for their excellent lens, and from experience with a Powershot G3, I have to agree with that theory, great cameras all round.

most minolta cameras are pretty large. I don’t think they make a point and shoot, only SLR. canon is good.

My first digital camera was a Konica. I really liked it, it’s what got me into photography. Then I got into Film 35mm SLR, then Digital SLR.

Hrmm. DSLRs are pretty huge and even bigger if you have some intense lens to carry around. you would probably want to one of those cannons that soulty suggested. Cannon makes great cams. You also could get a sony cybershot v1 which is small enought yet get great results. Its is comparable to the cam I got which is a f717, which is pretty bulky to carry around. The manual mode rocks! The V1 and f717 prices may have dropped significantly since the f828 came out.

The two camera’s i have are both DSLR. The Olympus e-20 and the Canon 300d. The Canon takes a superb shot and is very easy to use, but has a cheap feeling body. The Olympus is pure beauty to look at and hold, but slighty hefty and tricky to use.

However i believe you wouldn’t want anything to be so professional so just go with a Sony 5mpx.

Here (eighty6) are some photographs taken with a Sony just to show the type of thing you can get.

thanks for the advice, ill look into the canon and the sony models, as well as that olympus starpromo brought up, its always fun to have complicated gadetry!! seeing how fast you can figure it out is half the fun.

One question about the canon powershot S500, does it have manual zoom and do you guys think its important

Thanks for the advice all

ya! sony power!! half my electronics are SONY!!

When you say manual zoom do you mean a zoom like the ones on a telephoto lense that you twist or pull to gain your zoom?

Anyway, like Soulty said. Go to dpreview. They will have everything you need to know about any camera.

As for zoom being important, its hard to tell really. My moto is (depending on what im shooting) is get yourself closer to the subject rather than using the camera to get closer to the subject. Unless of course you are wanting some great depths or field of some incredible marco shots. I think i just totally contradicted myself. Haha. Sorry.

Manual zoom is a cool feature because you can get in between the different standard zooms and get exactly the picture you want. I’m not sure if any of the cameras you were looking at have it, when I was looking at cameras, I think the only ones that had a turn dial zoom were the DSLRs or Imitation SLRs, like the F818, the F828 (which is what I got), the EOS Rebel, the 10D, etc.

Manual settings for Apperature/Shutter Speed are important as well, I’m not sure if it also has a manual white balance. But the manual controls give you awesome control, and can get you some good shots. Some of the best pictures are great because they show you something that you wouldn’t normally see if you were just looking at something. That’s one of the reasons that black and white pictures are so pretty to look at.

thanks for the info on manual zooms, yes the twist kind is the kind im talking about

Good info ya’ll. I am in the market for a first rate camera. Being that I only took like photo class I was hesitant to go looking for fear of gettin ripped off. I need to be able to get some real high res crystal clear photos, as well as be able to get those real small shots (like a bug on a leaf).

3d, I highly recommend Sony’s F828, it takes awesome shots. Good all around, you’ve got wide angle, telephoto, and macro all in one. Plus, it’s 8 megapixel so you get some high res shots. The only problem is that it’s a bit expensive, and for it to be worth your while you need a big memory stick. (I got a 1 GB Compact Flash card for mine for about 300 bucks at Best Buy, i’ll bet you can get them cheaper online though).

Although i know Sony camera’s do take a good picture i am still weary of the fact that Camera’s are not the speciality. Thats why i go for companys which are a full blown camera company.