Camera help!


which should i buy? W1 or p100?

If I were you and going to buy a Sony, I’d go for one with a Carl Zeiss Lens, they are nice

they both have carl zeiss lenses! :mu:

hehe, well then go with either :wink:

gimme a serious answer, which do you think is better?

I’d probably go with the W1, because it has the manual controls and the bigger LCD.

Do you actually need 5.1 Mega Pixels…?

I have 3 and is way more then i would need… Annywho… take the DSCP100.

My friend has it… we have loads of fun making lil movie skits with it :slight_smile:

The P100 is a toy, get the w1!!!
It has manual mode so you can take long exposures or adjust your depth of field and such. Also there is some great add ons such as a telephoto, wide angle lens, etc, and probably some filters for you to use. Although its just 3mp I would get it for the manual features, that usually makes a difference on how the pics look like.

Its a step down from the camera I got which is the F717. Takes GREAT pics if you gonna use them for your designs. I know you gotta love macro pics!

If you don’t mind spending more money or if you are serious about photography, get the 8mp F828 or a DSLR like a Cannon Digital Rebel.

i want to buy a camera that will be useful for the next 2-3 years.

i dont have 1000+ to spend on a camera

I belive that the F717 prices has dropped. I got mines for like $500 w/ discounts. Dont buy anything direct from sony, they will jack up the price. Your local electronics store should have reasonable prices. Or you could check other sites or perhaps ebay.

but see, i dont want something like professional. i need a camera for taking family pics, maybe landscapes and macro stuff. and thats $500 in US money, i live in canada, and thats $655.112 CAD…plus shipping and handling and taxes and anything else theyll charge.

yea okay if you are just going to use it for that then either cam is good. may want to look into a mid range cannon model too.

i dont want cannon, im into the whole sony thing because i bought their memory stick that cost 40 bucks, so i dont want to throw that out for a cannon camera.

just tell me which one is better! p100 or w1!

gezz stop the dubble post alreaddy… Why don’t you find out your self… I mean get the specs next to each other… read it make your choise…

get both = sony cybershot v1 :lol:

just under $500 too!

i see that this thread is pointless