Campaign: "Help me be the animation of the month on MTV!"

Hi all!
About one month ago I post this thread-THIS ONE - talking about a halo animation I made that appeared on MTV latinamerica, now the animation is on their site and I need u to vote for me to be the animation of the month! :pleased: all u have to do is click here: and choose “Malo” and clic “Votar” in the bottom, that´s all! I really appreciate all the votes I can get, seriously! help a kirupian! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks all! :love:

Done :thumb:

voted for you :thumb:

I hope you win! you deserve it :D…

My vote is in.

You got it buddy!

Hey can we vote multiple times?

I voted.

Tell us when you win!

I watched them all to see which one to vote for but yours really was the best so… :thumb:

The last one was kinda unique too though

*how many candies are you willing to give me :evil: * ?

pretty neat, especially when the driver gets snipered…I voted for you good luck.

I voted. good luck.

Of course I voted man, I wish you the best of luck!

(PS. Our votes do get registered right? Coz when I voted this window popped up asking me to register or to log in…)


Done :slight_smile:

you got my vote either way, so again +1 :wink:

oh cool! thanks all! :smiley:

yes wizard u can buy multiple times but it´s weird because one time they discovered someone who was voting for him all day and night and disqualified him, then why let the option of voting multiple times?? :puzzled: anyway, thanks again all! :party:

So do you have to fill out some form that pop up before and after you vote to make it really count? I have no idea what they are asking for because I don’t speak french.

it´s weird because to some people they ask for membership and others dont :puzzled: their voting system suck big time!

If you can tell us what the catergories are asking for I will finish my vote. I have spare hotmail accounts I use for things like this. I wonder if everyone else thought the vote went through as well?

This is a link to the screen I get before and after the vote. It may be that registration screen you mentioned.

no it´s complicated, they are asking for the username and the email but u have to register first at the right panel, I wonder if everyone saw this too…don´t worry gary, thanks anyways :slight_smile:

You Americans crack me up :lol: