My flash animation it´s going to appear on MTV latinamerica!

WOOHOO! MTV LatinAmerica has a program called Flash MTV that shows (duh!) flash animations and I just got an email from there that says my flash animation is going to appear on july 18th on Flash MTV! :pleased: it´s very hard to be selected but they saw my animation and I guess they like it.

If u want to see it go here, it´s an animation I did like one year ago about Halo :smiley:


Peace! :rabbit:

P.D: HK-Team, one of ur members it´s going to appear on tv :*( :stuck_out_tongue:

81…85…89kb…might have to leave this going overnight…


What Channel?

Wow you have no idea how happy I am for you berk.

I knew it, HKT - the best…no one better.

waiting… I know it’s gonna be awesome!

thanks shaf! I dont know if guys can see that channel, s MTV latinamerica, maybe some of u can see it, dont know.

Dont critisize the animation, I made it a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont make ur expectations too high BP :smiley:

Trust me - he showed us this before. And this is when he was like a beginner. Amazing work.

God this is amazing. Don’t forget about me when you get famous :P.

wow cool… that must’ve taken quite some time!

Congrats BerkWitz! I really liked it!

Can’t wait for it too load :slight_smile:

Congrats just the same, that’s great news!

Congratz… It’s nice to see that flash is making it to the TV screen…

Flash is taking over :bad:

Thanks all! :smiley: Really aprecciate it, this is the site of the show if someone want to take a look: :slight_smile:

After the show, my animation is going to appear on the site for a month and the animation that gets more votes appears once again in the show and wins a cellphone :stuck_out_tongue: so expect a campaign very soon so everyone on the forum votes for me (actually I dont care about the cellphone, I just want to see the animation on tv :D)

It’s on a free web server prolly why it’s taking forever to load!!!

Congrats dude, I didn’t get to see it yet cuz your too cheap to buy a web server :lol: (j/k) :):slight_smile:

Edit: Dude this is great good job ! :slight_smile:

**** your server’s slow… sorry but it is! :frowning:

hey, that was reallly good! some of the sounds were a bit disjointed, but overall it was reallly cool! good job! and mad props on being on T.V!


oops! :stuck_out_tongue:

changing server

Thanks :slight_smile:

Let’s see you top that one T-O ;P.

lol, c´mon shaf!

I change server´s, I think it loads faster now :):


It loads sooooooooooo much faster!

Thats great! :love:

That was very well done.

wow… awesome… it loaded pretty quick for me though… :thumb: