Can anybody help


i dont know what is wrong with the statement above it is suppose to show my new character. ahmed uploaded it to me and it still does not work i dont know y.
can any body tell me y?

Your usin \ instead of / in the image tag…

it does?
that is wierd it
doen’t for me

now it works thanx xxviii

your soccer star?

no problem

ohhh i told you

no thats not soccerstar. that is Ahmed’s “friend”

oh i see. my mistake. lol


i dont mean to be a nag but can you please set your footer to the correct size?

this guy just thinks himself a soccer star
he calls himself a soccerstar just like i call my self a dawg and just like ahmed call himself a geek:esmirk:
no one is original

jubba i am ahmed’s friend but i am still a soccer star, champion and a big fan of brazil intermilan and realmadrid and u can say i will be as good as ronaldo one

plus b-dawg ur mistake was that u should take ur picture from a serever not from u pc directly

real madrid is amazing. My friend went to spain and saw them play. I was so jealous. :slight_smile:

but what Alex meant is that there was a member named soccerstar that was causing trouble. He thought you were him…


Originally posted by !@& *
jubba i am ahmed’s friend
… not really, you are my “friend” as jubba said… :trout: