Can anyone make these simple animations

that is there tut for that, if anyone can make me one that looks like that but it say GTAgames and the A is like the one in the tut i would really like it. (but it has to be “0A6A9E” that color not green)

also the RAY OF LIGHT thing;
i have been trying to do that for about 4 weeks, if anyone can can make that say, you would be a god

thanks if you can

Why not try to do them yourself? It’s not that hard…

ummmm. becoz i don’t have F5

i have MX and i have only had it 2 days so i don’t no how to compensate(?sp) for things

both of those effect should be almost exactly the same to make in MX as they are in 5.0. It’s just tweens and drawing tools at work there.

As for rayoflight… good luck finding someone to do that. you might be able to… but not too many people want to do that sort of thing for others. The effect is enough of a pain in the butt without the added idea of no compensation for the work. It took me about 3 hours to get the “lostsoul” one done for my tutorial. That’s about 20 minutes per letter.

If you want to pay for it, I’ll do it for you though. My rates are 45 dollars per hour for Kirupa members.

I wouldn’t have said the Ray Of Light thing was simple, not at all. It’s a pain in the arse to get working perfectly. Time consuming too, as David pointed out. But check out his tutorial on how to attack that one, it’s very good.

The effect from the link you posted is dead ez. It’s just masking with alpha gradient and nothing else. You can do it yourself regardless of which Flash version you’re using.
Well, the ray of light ? I have to agree with the rest of the gang because an effect that looks that good is time consuming and is a pain in the #@[email protected]%.

Tip: Keep practising tuts instead of giving it up fast and letting it all onto others. Trust me. All you need is some patience. Once you get the hang of it, there will be a time when you look at an animation and you’ll know how to do it even without looking at the source code.