Can anyone translate: "Thien Ju"

Does anyone know any Chinese??? I am trying to figure out what this means - my father is in China and he sent me an email with this in it and I dont know what it means, and he thinks I wont be able to find out… yet I am resourceful :evil:

Please help if you can! :slight_smile:


I have a friend who is/speaks chinese. I can’t get in touch with him at this very moment, but when I do I will be sure to ask him if he knows :evil:

It might not be the same dialect though, funny how withing that small area there are like 4,000 different langauges :smirk:

If I go just by looks, it looks like it says “Thank You”, but I don’t speak much chinese, I know like 5 words tops (if that).

Thanks Lost! I am pretty sure that “Sheh Sheh Lee” means thank you, but I could be wrong. By the way the dialect would be from the Taiwan area.


Oh yeah, when you say “small area” you must be thinking of a different China than me! Last time I checked its pretty d a m n big! :cowboy: I do think that their language is a bit cooky… I mean most people that are literate in it do not even know how to write ALL of it… I mean come on thousands of symbols, plus (like you mentioned) two people that speak “Chinese” may not be able to understand eachother very well due to dialect (which is an obvious result of the tremdous size of the place)… personally I am a big fan of spanish as far as simplicity, organization, and ease in learning! C:-)

HAHA, It is very big, but I meant over all the land, that single continent probably has the most amount of languages. I just worded it wrong.

And I believe you are write about the thank you, but I think it is sha sha ne, but not really sure…lol.

But that is mandarin… the chinese my friend speaks isn’t mandarin. So I have to ask him if he knows those other words and if not, if he knows what dialect or whatever they are.

the spelling may be wrong.:slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, niether the Cantonese, or Mandarin (the 2 major dialects of China) use the “th” together.=)

Sometimes tranlating to a Roman alphabet causes extra problems:-\

I have checked both languages on my little translator, and neither the phrase, or each “word” separately come up with anything.:-\

Sorry I couldn’t help:sleep:


Well I asked my friend, and he said he has no clue. He speaks Cantonese and he said even though he doesn’t know it in Cantonese, that if it was Mandarin it could be the same thing, but mean something completely different.

*Originally posted by Ryall *
Oh yeah, when you say “small area” you must be thinking of a different China than me! Last time I checked its pretty d a m n big! :cowboy

small is just a joke. see how big area of USA ? China is even bigger.