Can Flash Span Across HTML Frames?

I would like to create a navigation menu using flash 4, I know, I know, I’m out of date, but what can I say the company I work for is cheap. Any way I would like to have the menu go across a frame border without being cut off by the next frame. Is this possible?

Can you explain a little better? Do you want a single navigation swf which exists half in one frame and half in the other? Or are you asking how to communicated between frames using flash commands?

Yes I’m trying to make it half in one frame and half in the other. Everytime the movie spans over the limit of the frame it is in, it gets cut off by the next frame. If there isn’t a way to do thise in Version 4 is there a way in 5? if so then I will pressure my boss into buying that.

no… if you are talking about frames in a frameset, no elements can cross it. The reason is, each frame is a different html. However, you can take your movie and try to cut it apart into two movies, a place one in either frame.