Can flash use external data to change color of states on map

Hi all-

I am working on a website for one of my employers? He needs the state to change colors based on a “number” linked to a database. The database is updated on a daily basis.

The colors would be based on some kind of formula or range of number… i.e. 1-10=white 11-20=yellow 21-30 orange 31-40=red and so forth.

There is a company that already does something like this but i can not figure out how they are doing it. The really hard thing is “I only need the map.”

I am very new at using flash and do need a thorough explaination/lesson. Please help.

Thanx. -a8le

Its possible - have you gone through the tutorials on the site yet? Worth going through. You might learn all that you need to do… what you need to do.

Its hard to just jump into things off the bat like this. And for a full lesson of what you want to do may take some time - some time that most of us may not have to spare :-\ So the tutorials may be a good place to start.

When you run into smaller more specific road blocks when working through this, its better to post questions about them. They are better received on the forums because more people can attend to them as they are more specific and can be answered by more people :slight_smile:

thnx for the reply senocular, but i have gone through the tutorials (twice). i know how to tie external data to flash but still have the problem of changing a state’s color based on the data. if anything, i just need help with one state, from there i can just repeat the process.