Reusable buttons

I hope there’s a very simple answer for this…

I am creating a map of the US in Flash - to behave very similarly to this one:

What I need is to create a single flash library that I can use for multiple clients (and thus multiple mouseover color schemes). That means I’d like to create a parent flash file that sets some variables - highlight_color, click_color, and script_href, that will control the appearance and behavior of the individual state buttons which will be pulled from aforementioned library.

So what I need to know is,

  1. how do I set up an external library of buttons that will use _root.highligh_color as a fill in the Over state, _root.click_color as a fill in the Down state, etc.
  2. how do I successfully use those buttons in the parent flash file

I appreciate any help; hopefully I’ve been clear enough to avoid confusion.