Can I tellTarget the main timeline?

Ok, I’m making a game, and it is essential that I place a certain button inside of a movie clip. However, the button in the movie clip must move the main timeline. I currently have the code as:

on (release) {
gotoAndStop (“plank1”);}

with “plank1” being the frame in the main timeline that needs to be advanced to. But when tested, the button does nothing. Is there a way I can do

on (release) {
tellTarget (" ")
{gotoAndStop (“plank1”);}}

with something indicating the main timeline?

Please help!!
(I’m using flash 5, if that needs to be known)

just make it

on(release) {

_root - main timeline
btw don’t use telltarget… use _root.MC.mc2. instead… much easier

thank you!!!
and btw, I need to put _root. in front of all my variable names (aside from declaring them) and movie clip names or else they don’t work. Is that normal?

‘_root’ before an action or variable only means that flash refers to your main timeline instead of the movie clip or whatever.