ok, im trying to tell a movie clip target that is on the main scene to goto and play frame 2. but it wont let me because im telling the target from inside another movie clip. how can i make it work? does it haave to do with targetpath or _root? please help

If your’re using the tell target command you need to include the statement _level0 in the brackets like so

tellTarget ("_level0") {
gotoAndPlay (2);

If you were to call from a movie clip which resides on the main time line, to ANOTHER movie clip on the main time line, you would use something like

tellTarget ("_level0.mymovieclip") {
gotoAndPlay (2);

well i was just trying stuff and i found soemthing that worked
i did…

on (release) {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp tellTarget ("…/movieclip") {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp gotoAndPlay (2);
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp }

Another method would be to use _root instead of levels. For example:

on (rollOver) {
         tellTarget ("_root.rollover")  {
                   gotoAndPlay ("1text") ;

The _root prefix tells Flash to go the main timeline and then work its way to the movies. All the methods mentioned in these posts will work though :slight_smile:

Yes, Kirupa is correct, AND you should try to start using the _root command, as the …/ is being phased out in flash 5.

Another way of doing the _root, would be to set your action script panel to “advanced” action scripting, and to type in: