Can it be any better?

Hmmmm you guys want to see a really cool site…

It’s not mine, but wow, it’s an amazing site.

Hey there,

I looked over that site. I thought it was quite spectacular. The whole design reminded me a bit of “kiss of the dragon” (if you’ve seen the movie anyways). Very cool stuff.

I like how the animation’s change based on where your mouse is horizontally. I’d be curious in knowing what they used to get the images/movie (if it is an mpeg or other format) for that kind of effect.

Anyways, I thought it easy to use and quite impressive visually.


Cool Site!!! i specially like dthe “MIXER”


whoa shiot!

that is an AWESOME site, very cool how you had the woman change positions as the mouse moves over each section.

i also really liked your loader with the shapes and the craziness.