Can someone explain the disappearing swf?

I’m trying to call Lightbox with AS3.

Actually I’m not trying, I’ve got it working. Found a great tutorial that walked through everything (here…

But there is one peculiarity and was wondering if anyone could explain it.

If you go here you can see a little swf object load. Click on the button marked “Full Shirt” and the Lightbox effect generates an image that overlays over the browser window. Perfect.

However, the swf file disappears from the page when the Lightbox is up. Huh…? When I close Lightbox it comes back, so it’s not a huge issue, but it sort of defeats the aesthetic point (specifically that you can see the rest of the page content under Lighbox).

First I thought it was that the Lightbox wasn’t translucent. But I added some html to put jpg on the page and tried it again. Sure enough the swf disappeared but the jpg was visible under the translucent overlay.

What is going on here?

The tutorial is based on Lightbox 2.03.3. Is this something in the Lightbox code? Any help is appreciated.