Can someone help a Flash Newbie?

I’m trying to have my company logo appear as if the letters were being “drawn” on the screen… can anyone help me do this? :crazy:


Place the logo on a layer. Above that layer, create a new layer. Double click on the layer symbol, to bring up the properties dialogue for that layer. Change it to “Mask”.
Do the same thing for the layer with the logo on it, but chose “Masked” from the dialogue.

Now, on the “Mask” layer, select frame one. With the paintbrush tool, paint a small dab (any color, I use bright green) somewhere off of the logo, but on the side that you want the image to start apearing at.

Select the first frame again, with the black arrow tool. In the “Frame” panel, use the drop down menu to change tweening from “none” to “shape”.

Select a frame, down the timeline a ways. If you’re running at 12 fps, frame 24 or so should do. Insert a keyFrame at this point using F6 or menu option “Insert/keyframe”.

With this new keyframe selected, use the paintbrush to draw, from the dot you placed origionaly, up one side of the first letter in the logo.

Lock both layers. Use the black arrow tool to grab onto the playhead. Move it back and forth to reveal the effect.

Tip: a mask, and any layers which are “masked” by it, only show their produced effect if they are ALL in the locked position.

Unlock both layers again. You see that the green painted fill, actually shows up as a hole, in a screen that lets through anything under it. The hole reveals whatever is in the masked layer below.

Repeat placing keyframes, and drawing more and more until you have the full logo revealed.

It may take some remakes to get it to look right. I tried doing one that looked like pencil scratches on paper and it took forever to get it right.

Thank you so so so much, David… I’ll try it today.

JohanneA a man way :slight_smile: