Can someone help me clean-up my code please?

So I’ve got my site working, but I KNOW the code is messy and inefficient. I’m very new to programming and haven’t learned “proper” coding practices.

I figure there is some way of using a “for loop” to do this more efficiently but I’ve tried making a for loop a bunch of ways but can’t figure out proper syntax and all to do this. I’m sure this is simple for any of you guys but I’m just learning programming now so bare with me.

There are actually 38 loaders but I didn’t figure you needed to see them all to help me with this issue. Like I said, everything works, I just know the code is probably REALLY inefficient and it’s bothering me.

There has to be a way to use a “for loop” to name and instantiate all of these loaders and movieclips since all the #s correspond. I mean loader1 goes with honeyComb1_mc, etc…I just can’t figure out how to do it.

function loadIllustrationThumbs()
	var loader1:Loader = new Loader();
	var loader2:Loader = new Loader();
	var loader3:Loader = new Loader();
	var loader4:Loader = new Loader();
	var loader5:Loader = new Loader();
	var loader6:Loader = new Loader();
	var loader7:Loader = new Loader();
	var loader8:Loader = new Loader();
	var loader9:Loader = new Loader();
	var loader10:Loader = new Loader();

	loader1.load(new URLRequest(illusThumbPath + "Nihm_Owl_THUMB.jpg"));
	honeyComb1_mc.buttonMode = true;

	loader2.load(new URLRequest(illusThumbPath + "Odin_THUMB.jpg"));
	honeyComb2_mc.buttonMode = true;

	loader3.load(new URLRequest(illusThumbPath + "Egyptian_Thief_THUMB.jpg"));
	honeyComb3_mc.buttonMode = true;

Thanks for any help!!