I need help pleaze!

How do I hyperlink to another file!
I was reading your tutorial when it said insert URL, what does that mean!

Can you show me what I need to do to link it to, say, www.yahoo.com


Hello DonnyBurnside,
First, create a button in Flash 4 by going to Insert | New Symbol. Select the option for Button. Create the button shape, etc. and press the Scene 1 tab (on the top-left of your timeline) once you are finished with the button.

Go to Flash’s library by pressing Ctrl + L and drag the button you created onto your animation area. Right click on the button and select Properties. The Instance Properties window will appear. Select the Actions tab from the Instance Properties window. Press the little + symbol and select Get URL. You will see the right side of the window appear with hyperlink options.

In the URL box, enter the address, for example: www.yahoo.com If you want the link to open a new browser window, click the Window drop-down menu and select _blank.

if you set it to “self” should it open in the same window???

Hello eyednuor,
It should open in the same window. You should make sure to see what the default ‘window open’ method in the HTML page is set as well. Often times, when Flash and HTML disagree over things such as window opening method, HTML usually has more importance.