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hi everyone.
I’m trying to create something which I thought was going to be easy but seems to be driving me mad I hope someone can help.
You can go through it in flash to see if it helps.
I’m trying to create a moving button that moves about and when you “roll over” it stops and when you “roll out” it continues on its path. When you click the button it brings up any given information or movieclip.

This is what I’m doing so far:

I’m create a square and convert it to a button and call it “squarebutton”, then convert it again to a movieclip and call that “squaremovieclip”. I give instances to each with the same name as their movieclips.
I now have a button within a movieclip.

I double click the movieclip so I’m inside “squaremovieclip”, I copy the frame and paste it at frame 5 and the frame 10. I move frame five up and then add motiontween to make it move up and down. I then assign this action script to the button:

on (rollOver) {
stop ();
on (rollOut) {
play ();

O.k so it movies up and down and starts and stops when I want it to.

Now when I click on it I want it to open a box called “info”.
“Info” is a moveclip with the instance “infomation”. It sits on the main timeline on frame 20.I’ve placed the action stop on frame one and frame 20.

I go back into the movieclip and assign the button with this:
on (press) {
tellTarget ("_root.information") {

Now when i play the movie and click the button i get this information come up:
Target not found: Target="_root.information"Base="_level0.squaremovieclip"

What am i doing wrong and why doesn’t it open the movie clip on the main timeline??

any answers


no need to post twice, you will always get an answer here( even if it is negative sometimes)…so check your other post.