Can you help me with

i have got my lay out done. but one problem, my links load over each other. what can i do to fix this


hi man,
try to make a movie clip tp load in for each one… :slight_smile:

i am not sure how to do that


create an empty MovieClip make the registration on the top left.
i think all this eay … :slight_smile:

_root.yourButton.onPress = function(){
loadMovie("yourMovie", "yourEmptyMovie");

be sure your SWF on the same directory with your main Movie

do this for all your SWF… :slight_smile:

try it and send me… C:-)

i am using swish


heeeheeeeee… :evil:

i donno know it man… sorry

Swish!?? no offense Alex, but if you’re planning on learning flash then i suggest you stick with flash. A lot of the people here, or should i say the majority uses flash so it would be hard for us to help you with Swish. I know swish is easier than flash, but flash could do so much more. Hope you change your mind. =)

ok ok you talked me into it. but i just dont know how to work most of the things on Macromedia. i know my way around swish.

ElectronGeek - how did you make the background on your site? its an awsome site!!

I made them with a 3d program called cinema4d and touched it up on photoshop. I will be writing tutorials for that kind of stuff when I have free time. =) Alex, do what I did, I went to google, typed in “flash tutorials” and it will show you 3,957,024,759,824,735,097,284,743,275,098 flash sites that has tutorials, try to go through as many as you can and trust me, it will slowly sink in. Even the tutorials on this site is very useful, just gotta look at them. Good luck Alex. =)

im going to need all the luck i can get.

Actually a search for “flash tutorials” on returns “about 604,000” :slight_smile:

LOL, sorry, I just felt like being a pain :beam:

lol yea I was a lil off, just a lil :stuck_out_tongue:

how much cinema 4d i saw it for 1.405. that a ton o money but i want to make a template like that.

can’t wait till the tutorials come out