Can you remove --just-- the horizontal scroller?

Hey there,

I’m designing a page which opens up in a javascript window, and has 3 frames. One for the left side which is the navigation, one on the top right which pretty much only holds the logo, and bottom right where there content will be placed. I have a graphic on the right side of the bottom right frame that I’d like to scroll off the page. I need to keep scrollbars because there’s just too much content to take them off (and my employers want it on one page, so I can’ t separate it into new html pages and load them into the frameslot).

I was looking at this code I wrote and was wondering if there’s any way to separate which of the two scrollbars show:

onClick=“‘myhtml.html’, ‘Webpage’, ‘toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,<b>scrollbars=no</b>,resizable=no,copyhistory=yes,width=550,height=500’)”

I’m guessing you can’t, but I’m wondering if anybody else has an idea of how I could go about achieving this.

If not, it’s not a huge deal… I’m currently thinking up a few more ways of just reorganizing my layout to make sure I don’t have too much horizontal content to scroll.



I haven’t found a way to disable only one type of scrolling. So my only suggestion so far is to just make your window bigger so it doesn’t have to scroll sideways. I wish I could help more, I am currently working on the situation, trying to find out how (it has me interested now).

If I figure anything out, I will be sure to let you know.