Can you

can you save a picture from photoshop… like without the background… so when you import it on flash or watever… you only get the object

Yes, delete the background layer and it will give you a transparent background (or you can just start a new image with the transparent background.

File/Save As… .gif file, be sure to make sure the transparency checkbox is checked. Save then import into Flash. Easy as pie.

thanx! man lost, I learn least one thing from you everyday :smiley:

Well then here is 2…lol…

You can also save as a .png image, this allows for partial transparency (sorta like some parts of the image are at a lower alpha while other parts are solid). This uses up more system resources than a .gif though. It can produce some very nice effects if used right, but there is that resource usage issue :slight_smile:

yay! i learned two things today

=) Isn’t learning fun!!!:stuck_out_tongue: