Picture with transparent background?

Hello. im in need of help ! :slight_smile:

Im in middle of making a website and for that site i need some pictures with transparent background… say fx. a picture of a church with some sky in the background… i need that sky gone… I have photoshop but I can’t figure out how to save the picture so that it can be imported into other programs WITH the transparent background…

any1 ?

regards… soma

GIF or PNG should work. What programs are you importing to?


  1. make sure psd does not have any backgrounds.

  2. then do the cutting and delete the unwanted area.

  3. file > save for web > choose gif from the drop down menu > check on transparency checkbox and see that pic background(if shown in preview) is gone…

this leaves zig zag and jagged edges…search for tutorials online…dont know if KF has a tute on that.

hope it works :slight_smile:

THX :slight_smile: It Works… weee