Canon EOS Digital Rebel (EOS 300D)

Has anyone here used or have this camera? I am looking for a DSLR but i dont want to break the bank as i would if i went to the EOS 10D (one of the other cameras thati am looking for, but tis a bit expesive). So my question is what do you all think of the Rebel? Good? Bad? How are the pictures? Fast shots? I need it to be able to do long exposure shots and i am assuming that it can but can anyone varafy this?

And lastly, any other good DSLR cameras that you can recomend? I kinda want to go 6mp or over. =)

Thanks a bunch :smiley:


i’ve been looking at these too, the rebel was what i was looking at too. I haven’t done much research yet though, sorry.

All i know is that it is one of the cheaper ones :slight_smile:

i heard the rebel is pretty awesome for the price its set at… light weight which is good in a way but is basically because of the fact it uses a metal looking plastic material covering, full of features though.

Check out this site for more info

Coming for using a Canon G3… i recommed Canon cameras, there features and lens are quality.


// you can also find some sample photos.

I’d suggest getting a SLR-like camera. Much cheaper, and quite good. Also, you really don’t need more than 4 or 5 megapixels. I would recomend the Fuji S7000.

wowza, this just convinced me i think. look at this picture! (LARGE filesize)

yeah nice. captures alot of detail.

Morse: I need to be able to change lenses…and for the price of the S7000 i would rather just spend the extra few and get the Rebel, just makes sense.

Soulty, yeah i have been comparing with that site for a bit now :smiley: its really great.

Right now i got an older 4MP Sony camera and i am just looking for more as i grow in Photography. I am looking to keep it for a while and thats why i am jumping twoards the bigger MP :-/

got it last night :smiley: i will post some sample pictures later. i :love: this camera. i have never shot a faster one in my life, its perfect right outta the box. i cant wait to get a full day to play with it :love:

good for you :thumb:

i would like to see those sample pics. :wink:

so would i, i gotta think of stuff to take tho lol. i really cant wait to plug this thing into the mac and get iPhoto up and ugh i just cant wait lol. you have no clue how fast this thing is. Like, WOW! i cant wait i cant wait i cant wait. school should end sooner man…thats all i can say.

but for those of you who are looking at it, its sooo worth it.

but does anyone know wehre i can get a nice zoom lense? i really need one, but i dont wanna spend more on the zoom than i did on the camera :confused: