Can't make my movie play the next frame

The way my site is set up so far is I have made a Preloader scene, (On the last frame of the preload scene there’s an enter button)

The enter button brings you to scene one, frame one, which holds a movie clip with a dazzling intro.

here’s where I’m having a problem;
In scene one, the way I have it set up is with [movie] layer and an [actions] layer on top of it (the actions frame has a (stop) action so the viewer can view the movie) and the intros movie clip also has an [actions] layer with a (stop) action on the last frame of the movie.

how can I create a new movie clip on frame two or higher in scene 1???

This question and any others should be placed in the forum that relates to them. If you’re working in Flash5.0 then it should be in that forum, if you’re in MX it should be posted there. This forum is for discussion of tutorials. That being said, I’ll be moving this post whenever you reply to my post here.

To answer your question… “how can I create a new movie clip on frame two or higher in scene 1???”

You can either create a new layer, and place a blank keyframe at frame 2, or you can create a blank keyframe on frame 2 of the layer that contains your movie. Either way is ok… though I recomend the first. Layers add nothing to a movie so there really isn’t a reason not to use as many as you can to keep things organized.

Once you have that blank keyframe, simply insert whatever movie clip you want in it. To get the movie to go to that frame it’s a simple matter of either placing a button on the main timeline that has a gotoAndPlay(2); method, or you could place a _parent.gotoAndPlay(2); on the last frame of the splash movie itself. (_parent tells the flash player to give a command to the timeline that contains the timeline that has the code.)

Thanks very much

Sorry for putting this in the wrong area

Hey no problem… we have lots of people posting in the wrong areas. Glad that it worked out for you though. If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.