Can't seem to get rid of margin

\r Hello,\r I just recently build a site for someone and I used\r Your javascript tutorial to have pop up windows executed from my flash. I really liked that script because before I was running the javascript from the HTML document at the server and this one I am actually writing an actionscript. But the problem I am having is I am getting a margin at the top of the window. I happen to be showing some pictures and I have the height and width of the picture exactly as the window size. But when it pops up it shows the picture down with the margin over a 1/4" or more at the top. I checked it out in Netscape and it had about 1/8" on the left side and the same 1/4" at the top. But I really care less about the netscape, I just would like to get it right in IE. I have tried the Topmargin and leftmargin =0 in the body tags but to no prevail. I also tried using CSS and putting in this\r\rstyle type=“text/css”\rBODY{\r margin-top : 0px; Or just using the margin : 0px;\r margin-left : 0px; padding : 0px; \r margin-right : 0px;\r margin-bottom : 0px;\r padding-top : 0px;\r padding-left : 0px;\r padding-right : 0px;\r padding-bottom : 0px;\r\rstyle \r But still didn’t work…How can I get rid of this space that is making a less than perfect looking layout? Appreciate any help. Thanks\r RockerDude\r\r By the way, I had to leave out the closing tags or arrows so this post would come through, it made me keep changing it. said that HTML was not allowed…So wanted to mention that so There wouldn’t be posts on here telling me that, that could be my problem…LOL Thanks…\r

Since you started with style sheets mines well keep with it.\rIn ‘head’ of the webpage put this:\r

 \r\rstyle type="text/css"\r\r#layer1 {position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px}\r\r/style\r\r

\r\rFor the image do this:\r

 \r\r<div id="layer1">\r\r   [img]your_image.gif[/img]\r\r</div>\r\r

\r\rYou can absolute position as many things you need, just keep adding to the the code in the ‘head’. Like this #layer2 #layer3 #layer4. And when you want to call for the position just use the layer id respectfully

There is a method in which you can remove the margins in the body tag of your HTML page. Visit the following URL:…screen.asp . Look near the bottom of that tutorial where I explain how to remove margins.