Caption Contest!


<B>i always wondered what it flet like to be peter pan…</B>

<B>JESUS SAVE M… oh…</B>

<B>WOAH nelly…</B>

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Would someone mind pulling up my underpants. getting kinda breezy down there…

pj :stuck_out_tongue: **

haha… that one was funny

“WEEEEEEEEE DOOOGGGIIIIIEEEE… No-one said being on a cross was this much FUN!”


ooohh man, i hope we dont stop fast, i will slam right into the windshield…**


<b>I wonder if they still make that shampoo I like.</b>

Philbert, unscrew my **** img code, Oh, i think I got it,

** I guess this answers the age old question… What would Jesus Drive? He wouldn’t… He’d have his servant DRIVE him! :)**



** What would Jesus do for a klondike bar? Well now you know**

and this was the day Jesus realized God didn’t say to become a ‘Driving Teacher’ but “Divine Teacher”


sb you gonna fit in…


lmao… good ones everyone… I can’t think of anything good :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

I thought mine was good. Probably only for the simpson fans out there, though. Heheh.

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sb you gonna fit in…

Rev **

I might start calling Seretha Strong Bad

And hereby is created the first Xtreme Sport.

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**Strong Bad **
my hero! you visit that site often? I do - weekly! Got a t-shirt too…hehe.

How did you know??? My secret ninja team is actually sponsored by them…see for yourself.

There they are…ready for ACTION!!

Are you looking at my bum? You bum looker… you cheeky monkey!