Car modding 3 for all

Hi all!

Open the “Car modding 3 for all” thread, because many people make a picture of “Car modding 2”, so I think the theme like you.
If you like, choose an other hard version threads: “Car modding 3 for advanced user" or "[url=“”]Bus modding for advanced user

Modding the base picture.

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July 09.

Base picture (Bentley)

^Ofcourse! Silly!

Ok, maybe a stupid question, but how do you change the colour of the whole car like that, and still retain the light refelction?..Is it as hard as I imagine?..or is there a more simpler way?


Has MLK been watching the Fifth Element? :wink:

Adam go to Layer-New Fill Layer-Solid Color

Set the blending mode to color. Then rasterize the layer and erase around the car. Simple as that.:wink:

or select the bodyparts, and play with the hue… Im sure there are dozens of way to do this…

Play with photoshop… my n#1 advice…

Thanks, both of you…yeah, I was playing with PS for a while, then found out I’d hit my limit with what I knew how to do. I should be looking at tutorials, but I find them a big brain drain for some reason. Thanks, guys :smiley:

MLK and Falsh Gordon. Since you removed the door handles and well you removed the doors altogether, how does one get in the car?? :stuck_out_tongue:

you teleport in it, duh :trout:

(and note by the way that since my people teleport, cars are only used for decoration)

Well, you’ve not been into photoshop too much I guess…

hey it’s a method as there are others, to each his own way…

How would you do it, levi?

here’s what I usually do:
‘cut out’ the vehicle from its background (using a layer mask rather)
add a new layer and group it to the vehicle one
change blending modes (overlay, color etc…) and play with this new layer

Ok, and please excuse my ignorance, but when you say layer mask (and yes, as soon as I reply with this, I’m doing a search for a tut) you are saying that the layer mask will “cut out” the car for me? I appreciate your help, and I promise to do my homework :smiley:

Thanks, mlk :wink:

you need to paint in the background so it’s erased, i’ll whip up a quick screenshot to show you how I work on knocking backgrounds…

Cool, I appreciate it. Been browsing through tuts, the layer mask thing seems pretty powerful.

alright you’ll see that normal knocking out occurs too with layer masks (ie using lasso tool, extract etc…)

what’s great with layer masks is that you can paint out what you don’t want.

On the attachment I provided you see that I added a blue background color, that’s to better contrast the cut-out part with the rest of the train. What i did there since it’s pretty much straight lines (and I have a wacom for selections) I only used the poly lasso tool, close the selection, select the layer mask, and fill selection with black (so it means the blue underneath is revealed)

Now keep in mind that you can paint directly on the mask, so it means when you have very small details or are handy with a cursor, you can ‘paint off’ directly… I use it when I have curves too difficult to handle with normal lasso, or magnetic lasso)

layer mask & vector mask are very powerful tools, make sure you know how to handle them !

Thanks. mlk…I will give this a go…got family coming over for dinner VERY shortly, but I will give this a go… Thanks for your time, you’re a big help :smiley:

yeah, actually that is useful for me too… I’m realizing i havent been putting my masks to good enough use! I’m still probably much newer to PS than the majority of this forum and usually just use it alongside the gradient tool to fade things. Thanks mlk, i will definitely be using masks a lot more now. :thumb:

Hey! Everybody! Polling started!