Ever been lucky enough to catch some good ol’ 700 club/CBN News?

link:Boston Mosgue:the Rise of Radical Islam?

This is how they presented the story their afternoon broadcast …
[color=black]Pat Robertson’s lead in for this story was something to the effect of[/color]
" Trouble in Boston folks … seems to be an Islamic uprising in John
Kerry’s own back yard!!!"

These people actually feel the need to drive home this idea that
John Kerry and Democrats in general are supporting muslim extrimist!!!
And then the primary focus of the broadcast story was more of an
overall anti-islam message … You know the very closed view that
[color=red]Muslim = Terrorist !!! [/color]
[color=black]Why are these “christians” so consumed with perpetuating this[/color]
fear and condemnation of non-christian’s?
[color=black]Am I the only one that see’s the hypocrisy in this teaching in the[/color]
name of christianity? Any opinions on this extreme evangelical
uprising in America?