Crazy propaganda

I have seen alot of crazy “theory” websites and media out there that try to put this together from that, such as michael moores tangents and the liberal media comparisons. They all offer alot in the way of putting 1 and 1 together and making 2 but I think there are events which describe our times much better.

Just so were all on the same page I would like to see some links to, as non-biased sources as possible, fact pages only. Not just statistics but sites that show the hardcore nature regarding the war on terror, from both sides of the spectrum. This can include links to Hamas related websites regarding israeli occupation to the impact of victims of the World Trade Center attacks.

Again just links to specific events not “editorialized” occurrences, except of course, for our editorials on these events.

Perhaps this may help us all gain some non-biased, event based facts on both sides. I will start with a link to a site that in my opinion shows facts relating to US securities in Iraq.
The links or crapy but the delivery of news articles and the sources are great. haha - just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

so what exactly is this thread about?

Links to fact based attrocities that have caused and perpetuate modern wars, such as the war on terror. An example would be a link to the effects of a suicide bomber. <Background info on news!

Great links RB! I have heard from several sources, including Bill O’riley that bbc news is a good place to pick things up without too much opinion. That is a good page and shows many stories we might miss just watching the mainstream media. And the other one is good as well I like the questions it brings up there about how out millirtary is handling international affairs. While you know I support our involvment in many international peace and humanitarian efforts, I agree that we could be doing a MUCH better job in the world today, with as little millitary involvment as possible.

I wish we had guy’s like McArthur and Sherman in the lead. Our strikes should be swift and powerful and few and far between, our compassion should be unquestioned and our rewards for efforts in peace and human rights should be great and sanctions severe for those who do not comply with UN resolutions.

I often find to be a fairly good resource for finding a large number of sources for any particular topic.

The foreign affairs site you posted is great RB. I remember reading some really good articles on that site a few years ago about how the EU blocked the merger between GE and Honeywell. The CFR really does a great job by finding some of the world’s best and intelligent people to write/work for them.

[size=1]The CFR is supposedly hell-bent on world domination if you read the nutty sites on the net, but then again, who isn’t intent on world domination these days :)[/size]


Are there any non-biased sources out there? Who is to say these guys are any better?
Thats the problem no-one knows the facts anymore, they are buried in conspirarcy, disinformation campaigns, finger-pionting, mass media hype and the likes … do you know the truth, the whole story… do I ? Good to get more information to form an opinion though.

A good way is to read from several credible sources from around the world and form your own opinion. Editorials aren’t good sources of unbiased information, but actual news reports aren’t that bad :evil:

Arent news reports edited ? I was in NY a while ago and I can say that the news in the US is completely different than in the UK? ( same subject, different focus and emotive language) - I suppose experience is subjective, and hence any 2nd hand reopting fo that experience is even more so. Thanks for the tips though, will keep wighing up news from different countries as you suggested.

Here is a link I found showing some attricities committed by palestinians against palestinians. warning Some pictures are graphic.

This probably isn’t the right place to ask this, but that last link got me thinking… Palestinians have in the course of modern history come to make death a positive thing. This thinking has allowed them to train people to go into Israel and blow themselves up. When a person dies in Palestine they do not cry, they celibrate. I watched a documentary that showed the mother of a boy that just died hushed up when she tried to cry. Now, if death has become a postitive thing, why kill your enemy?? I don’t see how they can have one death be positive and another be negative…

It’s the way they die. Sacrifice is often thought as a ceremonial position, hence they see death in a different way to the ‘civilised’ world

I was perusing the website, and although i tried, i could not find a full membership list. I thought this was odd, considering that according to some, this organization boasts the worlds most intelligent people. You would think that they would want to promote their membership list, and not shroud it in secrecy, thereby inviting all sorts of speculation as to possible dubious nature of their intentions…

[size=1]If you listen to certain nutty people, they will insist that the CFR is perfectly normal, and is not around for the sole purpose of shaping world foreign policy (even though it states this on their website -, through the use of prominantly placed news-anchors, politicians, journalists, and presidents.
Surely if the CFR were up to no good, our media outlets would tell us all about it, right?[/size] :snooze:

A good way is to read from several credible sources from around the world and form your own opinion.

True… Unfortunately, people have different definitions of what constitutes a ‘credible source’. Some would say FOX News is credible, while others would swear by the Guardian.UK, or the BBC. Others might believe everything at Al Jazeera and CNN, while a much smaller percentage flock to sites like Rense and

I have a membership list if you want one Majeye?

One for the CFR and Trilateral Commission.