hey guys… im not sure where i should be posting this… but im using flash so… :beer:

i created this flash presentation, and im going to be burning it into a CD. what i want to happen is… once you put the CD into the cd-rom, it automatically runs. and this non-flash box thing [ or whatever you call it ] pops up. and it says “the flash player is required to view this blah blah blah” and there are two links in there… one would be “enter” and the other “get flash player”

and when you press enter, the flash presentation plays [ full screen ]

what i cant figure out : 1. how do you create that box thing [ that isnt flash ] with links in them? 2. how do you make the flash presentation full screen?

i know the autorun part… and thats about it… heh… :flower:

hope you guys can help me out :slight_smile: and i hope i was able to explain this clearly… heh. i really suck when it comes to explaining.

thanks :hr: