Centered Pop-Up Window Problem!

Hey guys,

I used this Kirupa Tutorial to make a popup for a .swf file:

>> The problem I’m having is I Dont Want the Popup to Display the location of the file that has been loaded.

Is there any way to stop this from happening?

Help please
Thanks :frowning:

Set the location parameter to false?

I put false in place of the

location = 0;
to make
location = false;

in the actions for the button

Its still showing the location of the file!. :puzzled:
PS: I’m using Flash MX and its Not the address bar that is showing, its the bar which says the name of the page your viewing and then - Microsoft Internet Explorer

What should I do?

This is an Example of what it is showing:

www… - Microsoft Internet Explorer

I dont want it to show the location/name of my swf file
How can I change this?

instead of having the pop up be a .swf file, just make it an html file containing the swf. then change the title.