Cerulean Center Forums - 1134 members, Advertise Here (read)

pub76.ezboard.com/bceruleancenterforums One of the best Pokémon ezboards on the ‘Net! Lots of Miscellaneous forums too. Talk about other video games, other TV Shows/Movies/Music/Comics, and other TCG’s as well! You can also make your own RPG’s and participate in them too! So, you can discuss just about everything at this board, since we even have a Misc Discussion forum (free speech forum)!. We were even accepted into the March 2001 ezboard Community Showcase. And we’re a CSC GOLD board, so you will NOT see any banners/pop-ups now, or in the future. We also moved to the FASTER Gold server. It’s doing extremely well in the topsites lists that I registered it at and it has 1134 members now, which is awesome for an ezboard. We’ve got an awesome News fader too, which is an ezboard hack, and a private messages feature! :slight_smile: You can also advertise your board or site there in the Webmaster Forum(get your site/board rated there too!), and ask for Webmaster/ezboard Tips & Tricks. Please post/register there, and thanks in advance. :slight_smile: \r\rThere are some mod spots available, so if you post often, I might just make you a Mod!