Creating message boards

a friend of mine runs a local hardmusic message board and is updating it, hes had some problems with ezboard in the past mainly with pushing pop ups on him, at any rate he had asked me if i could try to figure out a way to create a custom designed message board, i honestly have no clue where to even start, anyone aware of where i can go to find out? it really needs to be designed from scratch so hes not reliable on ezboard and can incorporate the style of artwork from his site into the layout. Thanks.

I would check out Ikon boards… I’m not posative on the url… you’ll probebly have to search for them on They are really good about helping people set up their boards, and they have a lot of nice features.

i’d say goto wwwebs and mess with his script.

thanks, if nothing else, if theres anyone who knows how to just remove the pops from ezboard that will help in the meantime, theyre getting rediculous on his site. ill check those sites though

Well, I’m on this board almost dayly (hi everybody :slight_smile: and I’ve seen maybe one or two pop-ups (funny thing was, they were in German!? and I’m connecting from France…weird).
What I use is AdsOff, it works great, never bothers me, just sits there in the tray doin’ it’s job!

The popups that you saw, I don’t believe came from ezboard eyez… this board has no popups on it.

As for illiminating ezboard popups…The easy way is to get two or three people to donate a little bit of money to the community chest feature, upping the board to csc status… hence illiminating the popups. Of course that’s only if you’re willing to give in to extortion… I did, finally… it was against my better judgement, but I really hated the popups.


I’d love to know what those popups are that you see eyez… that sounds really weird.

plus the idea of pop ups is for the browsers to click on them!! i know its the most irratating thing ever…but it keeps the free version free, so if you dont wanna pay then click the ads every now and then

(i know this didn’t help about ure quest but what i said is true)

i put a code in to stop the pops for e-z, and bro, your board wont run. it will say illegal action or script, cant remember.
but the poitn is, they detect the code, and you wont have a board, just download a freeware script and learn a little about cgi.

I’d definitely recommend hosting your own board if you have the space and proper equipment… do you know if your webhost supports PERL-cgi/PHP/MySQL? If you want a really good board for CGI that’s really easy to setup and modify, check out:

YaBB (Yet Another Bulletin Board)

… I’ve tried Ikonboards in the past and the features weren’t quite as I liked it… a bit too complicated =P

If your webhost supports PHP and MySQL, I’d definitely recommend:

phpBB (php Bulletin Board)

Its an extremely fast and nicely customizable board…

both of these things are free and licensed under GNU and GPL which basically means that you can’t sell their code but you can use it as long as you keep the copywrite on at the bottom.

Free boards that are hosted somewhere else (like ezboard etc.) generally have ads… hope it helps =P

Incidentally… I have a forum set-up using YaBB if you’re curious as to how it looks…

I’d say that 99% of the things are customizable… good stuff… but I’m still waiting for phpBB 2.0 to come out because Database Messageboards are faster I believe…

im not sure if it supports perl or not, ill have to ask. like i said it isnt my site im just trying to do someone a favor. the yabb looks pretty decent. when you say 99% is customizable does that include opacity for background colors on thread titles and importing pics for the bg image behind them?