Hey Kripua

Hey Kripua, I was wondering if you would put my board in your ezboard ring¿?¿ I can do the same for you if you like, if you want to my board id is bgameid

Thanks man :slight_smile:


Hey Black Deatha007,
I’m not sure if I am a member of an ezboard ring, but I will be glad to add you to my resources section on kirupa.com. I’ll probably update the Kripua’s Picks (It’s KIRUPA actually :slight_smile: ), and I’ll add your board up there!

KIRUPA Chinnathambi =)

Oh thanks man, but everyone has access to the ezboard ring, it’s the pull down at the bottom of the main forum that says Ezboard support forums in it, but to (take that off if you wish to) or add people’s boards to it, just click “My Controle Center”>(then log in if nesesary) Click the “My ezboard” tab > Promote > Edit Ezboard Ring > and in the box type bgameid or bwhatever board you wish to add, as you may have noticed, all boards have …ezboard.com/b… the “b” stands for “board” (obviously) and it’s just the way ezboard has done it, it makes it easyer that typing in a full URL to add a board or search for one ect…

I hope that helped :slight_smile:

:lol: That’s your line

BTW to see my board click the button in my sig that says Game ID Forum, it does work as a link, though your cursor doesnt change when moved over it, I don’t know why that happens.


Hello Again,
Thanks for the info. I never knew it to be that easy to add a link to the Ezboard ring. Anyway, I added your board to the ezboard ring drop-down menu :wink:

Oh, cool thanks man, I’ll go do the same now :slight_smile:


Ok it’s on, thanks again :slight_smile:

And yeah it is perty easy :slight_smile: