CGI Script

Can someone explain to me what CGI scripting is or whatever, and if I need that to run Flash MX on a web site. Thank you

CGI sucks. You don’t need it at all.

pom :asian:

PHP if anything, ya CGI sucks but lots of stuff runs on it Pom

:rambo: Mike:rambo:

PHP is slowly replacing CGI, so don’t bother learning it. Learn PHP if anything at all.

Yes, thats true. I gotta drag myself to learn PHP though. It is really useful.

:rambo: Mike :rambo:

CGI stands for common gateway interface and it used to be THE way to pass data back and forth from web to application. You do not need it for Flash these days. If you’re about to learn a language to do this type of functionality, you should jump on the php and xml bandwagon.

In fact, even if you don’t NEED that kind of functionality today, learning PHP and even XML is the thing to do… in my humble opinion.

I am still learning PHP here. I haven’t even started learning XML. Between learning PHP and Actionscript I haven’t really had the time or patience to learn XML at the same time.

Not true you don’t need cgi anymore, i use a free host which has PHP, but disabled the mail() function, only way is to use the provided form2mail cgi script…but I’d also say: learn php!

check , the advanced book is due out next month, working example with a few mods built with the books files is this forum: (flash & php!):

anybody know any good books on axnscript, xml, and php? and i know aim runs on XML but what else does it do?